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I moved to Paris a year ago from Toronto knowing very little French. I moved for ‘amour’, to live with my Parisian boyfriend who I happened to meet in the City of Light. Yes, it was very romantic. Our “meet-cute” at a stoplight in Paris could be appropriately filed under “Serendipitous Rom-Coms”.

On top of teaching English to Parisians – because that’s what most of us expats do when we move to Paris, I go to French language school part time. And so during my ‘me-time’ I like to indulge in my little movie watching addiction, and to share my passion and shed light on documentaries that don’t suck, I decided to start this blog.

I absolutely love documentaries, especially the ones that bring real world stories and social issues to life and open our eyes and hearts.

During the few years that I volunteered at the HotDocs theatre in Toronto, I saw many inspiring documentaries. I want to use this blog to make these documentaries more accessible for viewing pleasure, share my view of the best of the best and be another voice for these important documentaries.

I feel that documentary film is one of the most powerful tools available to educate about issues that matter. But for some reason, docs are typically the most underrated and least talked about film genre. They are like the “ugly duckling” of the film industry – under-appreciated, but bearing great potential for wondrous regard.

More attention needs to be given to docs as remarkable works of captivating art. These films can impart as much awe as any fictional film, but aside from a few film festivals and some streaming sites, documentaries are far too under-attended and passed over. And so, docs as an art form, as well as a venue for information and inspiration – is the focus of this site.

Please – enjoy, get involved, comment, and get lost in a Doc that Matters!


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